School Management System Software

It is software specifically designed for school because it is very hard to maintain records of all students,teachers and is bring revolution in school management system.and maintaining school information is a big challenge especially when if come to branches

This software provide automation in school management system like keep records of students,marksheet and fees updating,Staff management,and e.t.c

Key Features

1) streamline and automate entire admission process of your school.

2) Manage exam data efficiently & generate customized report cards.

3) Efficient & intelligent timetable generation for perfect synergy between the school resources and student time

4) Streamline & strengthen your Fee collection process with online fee payment.

5) Manage Students homework, Assign homework, Manage classes, Manage Student Report, Generate Remarks on Student Reports and Generate Student Attendance.

6) Prepare Data Entry based, Formula Based and Formula + Data Entry Based Mark Calculation Model for different exam according to CCE pattern

7) Module manages the registration admission process of both new and the old students, Fully integrated with the Fee Module and accounts section, this module allows admission and registration manageable and removes complications arising from human errors, Old and new students are automatically treated differently based on the pre provided information.

8) Manage the subjects, timing, grades, minimum & maximum marks, time duration and the dates on which the exam for the subject are to be scheduled according to CCE pattern.

9) The module automatically calculates the pending fees, previous fee payment details, deductions and concessions.